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Why go to a therapist?

A therapy relationship is like none other; it’s professional, confidential and uniquely focused on your problems and concerns.  Therapy is not a substitute for talking to family and friends.  As much as family and friends can be a source of comfort and advice, a lot of people find it easier to confide in a trained professional without fear of judgment or becoming a burden to others.  A therapist creates a safe and trusting environment, draws upon his or her expertise and experience in working with you and helps you find solutions. 

 What kind of therapist do I choose? 

There are many kinds of therapists and it can be confusing to choose. A good place to start is to think about your primary reasons for seeking help and find out if the therapist has the education, training and experience to treat your problems.

 What do I ask to determine if the therapist is a good match?

Think about what kinds of things make you feel comfortable.  For some, a therapist’s years’ of experience is essential.  For others, a therapist’s degree of warmth and compassion is more significant.  A phone conversation gives you an opportunity to ask questions and gain a sense of how the therapist interacts with you.

Should I choose a male or female therapist?

This is largely an individual preference.  There may be advantages in choosing one gender over the other for a given problem (e.g., working with a woman therapist if you have a history of poor relationships with men). Most important is the degree to which you feel comfortable and safe with the therapist rather than the therapist’s gender.

What if I need medication?

In some cases, the benefits of therapy are enhanced by the addition of medication and the combination of therapy plus medication can be very effective. When indicated, I can assess the need for a medication evaluation and will talk with you about this option. For those patients who need a referral, I work closely with several physicians, both male and female, who can prescribe psychiatric medication.



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