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providing mental health services to adults with an emphasis on life-stage transitions and personal development
treating: anxiety • depression • other mood disorders • phobias and obsessions • relationship problems • separation and loss • work-related stress

When troubled by mental health problems, finding a psychologist to provide mental health care is an important first step. Many people are hesitant to enter therapy and often struggle with their problems on their own for a period of time, sometimes for months or even years, before seeking mental health help. While making the initial phone call may be easier said than done, I think it is important to take the time necessary to find a therapist who can best meet your needs. In choosing a psychologist, I believe it is important to find out basic information including pragmatics (such as fees and whether or not insurance is accepted), credentials, general approach towards mental health treatment, areas of expertise or special interest (such as child psychology or marriage counseling), and experience in working with your particular problems or concerns. Because I believe a good connection is central to the therapeutic process, I think sensing whether or not there is a “good fit” between you and the therapist is equally as important as finding out basic information. Making an appointment and meeting with the psychologist in person is a good way you can assess the therapeutic connection and the extent to which you feel comfortable, safe, and understood.


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